About Me


My name is Ruan Cowley.
I am a wedding photographer living in George, in gorgeous garden route.
I shoot weddings all over South Africa.


I am not your typical everyday wedding photographer. In fact I didn’t start out as one. More than 20 years ago I wanted to study Arts and Music…but my dad told me you are going into IT. As my dad was paying for my studies at the time I had to agree. So I studied to be a software developer.

I have been making most of my living out of that profession. Wedding Photography is truly one of my greatest passions. I still see myself as a pretty capable software developer, but photographing couples and weddings really gets my creative juices flowing. I just love meeting all these different couples, hearing their love stories and then end up playing one of the most important roles on their wedding day.

You are probably wondering how I started shooting weddings then?
Well I bought my first DSLR camera more than 10 years ago, after the birth of my daughter.
I am self taught, have more than 70 weddings under the belt and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.
I see my style as Photo-journalistic with a touch of classic and traditional.

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